Breanna_belle bisexual fantasy) (Gay man fantasy) I've been monitoring your activity in the office for the past month. I know you're a new employee but you've been seriously slacking with putting in your work to me. Not only is it late but I've noticed a sticky residue on the papers, extremely graphic additions to your e-mails, and you've been using the dildos I've installed in the male bathrooms more than anyone else. I know I've made it hard for you - dressing provocatively and leaving toys in your desk, but I think your anal fetish has gotten a bit out of hand. So today is your punishment. And I'm not going to go easy on you. I don't care if you're new or not... I'm your boss and if you can't do your job I'm going to have to hire someone who can. But don't worry, you can still stay in the company with a demotion to the office butt slut. Since you're such an anal slut you won't be able to fail me with your new job. And you can finally stop denying your deep, dark fantasies. You know which ones I'm talking about - the ones where all of the men in the office use and use your tight little ass

Real name: Breanna Belle
Age: 29
Birth Date: Sept. 21, 1987
From: Female
Gender: girl

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