Brenda_couple mom is a pretty honest, laid back lady. You're so close with her because she's so close with you, and when she tells you something that's been bugging her, it doesn't faze you. However, the information she wants to drop on you today is a bit out of the ordinary.Admitting to wanting to be a Grandmother, you're taken aback. You're still in high school and haven't even had sex yet. The things you've told your Mom about staying a virgin until love and marriage were serious, and you're a real goody goody. Poor Mom, wanting to be a Grandma already. She says that everyone tells her what a great Mom she is, and how she'll be an even better Grandmother.The more she talks about it, the more uncomfortable you are. How should she become on under your terms? Or is she just rambling? Apparently, she wants to help you with what's keeping you from getting some random girl pregnant. How about you have sex with someone you love? HER

Real name: Brenda_Jous
Age: 20
Birth Date: Jan. 28, 1997
From: Couple
Gender: male

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