Brooke_synn record brittany Lynn is always dressing in the most sexy outfits imaginable to get guys going, and this time is no exception. She has on her white cardigan sweater, but what she has on that really gets the guy in room going is a tight leather skirt. She takes just a moment or two to show off the outfit and once she sees the guy is hard her calls him over to her.She stays sitting on her couch as he stands and she grabs a hold of his throbbing hard cock immediately. She stars in with a handjob and also goes right into the kind of dirty talk that she has become famous for. She of course has to taste his cock and licks the shaft, then the head, then puts the whole thing in her mouth for a sultry blow job.She goes back and forth between the blow job and the handjob as continues to give lots of dirty talk about her sexy leather dress, knowing the guy has a true leather fetish. Of course, she wants one thing and one thing only out of this CFNM fun and that is his cumload. In fact, she tells him she wants the cum to splatter all over the front of her leather skirt.She decides to get that cumshot and gets on the ground in front of him to give an unreal blow job. He is ready to cum on no time at all and she jerks his cock for him as he cums letting the cumshot fly all over the front of her leather skirt as she wanted. She then has to show off the cumshot and loves the look of the white jizz on the black leather. She even takes her cardigan to get some rouge cum that landed on her chest and put it on the leather skirt. She loves cum and she loves leather and she loves combining the two, which she will do any time she can.Included in this clip: Leather Fetish, Handjob, Blow Job, Sweater Fetish, Cumshot, Dirty Talk, Cum on Leather, Cum on Skirt, Leather Skirt, Leather, CFNM, Short Hair, Blondes, Brittany Lynn

Real name: Brooke Synn
Age: 99
Birth Date: Oct. 22, 1901
From: Female
Gender: male

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