Butterybubblebutt video: as i mentioned last week, i want to re-shoot my most favorite picture sets of last year all this month since it's my 3rd year anniversary, time went by so fast, and i have a lot of sets to choose from, so i decided to mix two sets together and see what would come out. ;)For this first set, i chose Darling Lilac and Retro Geek. So, i used leggings like in my Darling Lilac set, but i chose Star Wars leggings to mimic my Star Wars dress on my Retro Geek, i'm sure you'll see the resemblance and hopefully you'll like it. :)I tried to use my Princess Leia head piece, but i think my head shrunk because the headpiece just kept on falling off my head, haha, so i had to take it off for the last part of the set. I also want to thank my friend Mike for sending me these beautiful heels, they matched my leggings perfectly and they're so damn pretty. :)I guess i don't need a description for this one, i'm just doing what i love to do most... tease you guys with my pretty little feet, i know you guys love it as much as i do. :)

Real name: Brittany Benz
Age: 21
Birth Date: Sept. 7, 1995
From: Couple
Gender: transexual

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