Domndamera record (1080p, 60fps) Daddy! We heard you threw out your back! Are you okay? You must be so bored down here alone all day, stuck to your bed… There must be something your two favorite girls can do to help you pass the time. Oh no, you really can’t move, can you! Hmm… Hehe! That means Daddy couldn’t stop us if we… did something. Something really naughty. Oh, Daddy, you have no idea what we get up to in our room! Shh, don’t tell Mommy! She wouldn’t like this, would she? We just love kissing and fondling each other when no one’s around… Ohhh, it looks like Daddy really likes this! We know exactly what you need right now. Daddy’s so hard for his little girls. Mommy can never take care of you like we can. You can’t even move to relieve that frustration down there! We’ll do it for you, don’t worry. Our hot little mouths love to kiss, and putting them on Daddy’s cock will be even better. We want to show you what we can do. We love you so much, Daddy!Can’t get enough of us together? We know you’ll love Includes: HD taboo, double blowjob, POV, daddy/daughter/daughter, sisters, daddy’s girls, boy/girl/girl, cumshot, double facial, titty sucking/licking, foreplay, crop top, girls kissing, seductive daughters, daddy can’t move, huge load, makeout, make out, close up, blow job, dirty talk, cum play, handjob, princess leia, xev bellringer, porn

Real name: DominusandDame
Age: 20
Birth Date: Feb. 19, 1997
From: Couple
Gender: girl

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