Idkha97 video: get all four nasty, food enema videos in one!Ranch Dressing Enema!I'm going to get so dirty today! But first I want to have a little fun and experiment with different kinds of enemas. I do water enemas all the time. I want to get a little creative for this enema! I'm going to fill my asshole up with ranch dressing and squirt it out! I know it's totally messed up and gross but I love being a dirty, nasty girl! My asshole is going to smell like ranch dressing! Lol!Watch me pour an entire bottle of ranch into a large syringe. Then I push it into my butt. The ranch is thick so it goes in slowly. I can feel my ass being filled with ranch! Finally I filled my butt up all the way up with ranch dressing! Are you ready to watch me squirt it out of my asshole!?Pie Filling EnemaI just gave myself a ranch dressing enema! It's so gross but so hot! Now I want to try to give myself and enema with blueberry pie filling! Since the ranch took so long to get up into my asshole I'm going to try using a speculum this time!Watch me push a speculum into my asshole and open it up! You can see up inside my asshole! Now watch as I scoop up the blueberry pie filling and pour it into my open asshole! I pour as much pie filling into my stretched open ass as I can! Then I pull the speculum out and start to push! I push as hard as I can to shoot the pie filling out of my asshole! Look at it dribble out of my hole! Oh look there's some ranch dressing too! Ewww! It's so hot and nasty!Canned Corn EnemaI just filled up my asshole with ranch dressing and blueberry pie filling! Now it's time to try to fill my ass up with corn! I push my speculum into my asshole and stretch it open. I pick up the can of corn and pour it right into my stretched open ass! The corn falls right into my hole! Mmm! It's so hot and it feels so dirty and good!Watch me push out the mess that's inside my asshole! There's ranch and pie filling and now corn leaking out of my asshole! I love giving myself all kinds of gross enemas!Dog Food EnemaI just filled up my asshole with ranch dressing and blueberry pie filling and corn! Now it's time to get really nasty! I've got a can of dog food! Do you want to watch me stuff this nasty smelling dog food up into my asshole and then push it out!?Watch me open my asshole up with my speculum and scoop up the dog food and push it into my hole! I push as much dog food as I can into my stretched open ass! The dog food smells so nasty and feels so slimy and gross! My ass is stuffed as full as I can get it! Now I have to get the speculum out of my ass without letting all the dog food out.I've got an asshole full of dog food and who knows what else! Watch as I push the disgusting mess out of butthole! Oh gross! I'm such a nasty girl!Enjoy

Real name:
Age: 20
Birth Date: Feb. 9, 1997
From: Male
Gender: girl

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