Ivyfuxxx i walk in the room wearing a sexy, tight, leather, body suit, while packing my brand new pack of Marlboro Red cigarettes. I intend on smoking the entire pack by tomorrow. Do you have a lighter? Oh that's right, you don't smoke. I forget how much you hate it.....how pathetic. Well I suppose you will just have to enjoy it from second hand smoke. I light up my first cigarette and blow the smoke in your face. Ah, did I forget my ash tray too? Oh, no here it is.. I explain as I ash my cigarette onto your body. I proceed to smoke my cigarette and notice you are getting aroused. What is that tent I see down there? Are you getting erected from watching me smoke and covering your face in it? How cute. I should make it rain ashes on you. Why don't you pull your pathetic dick out. Why don't you show me just how much this is arousing you. I order you to remove your clothes, and instruct you to start stroking your cock to me, while I continuously blow smoke in your face. Start off real slow, just like this. Spit on it if you have to. Here, let me help you.. I blow my cigarette smoke onto your dick. Now stroke it faster, rub all that smoke into your dick. There you go, that is much more satisfying for me, but don't cum until I tell you to. I light up another cigarette the instant my first one is finished. Don't you just wish you could touch my sexy body? Well too bad. The only thing your going to be touching is the smoke when I blow it all over your dick. I hope you don't have a wife or a girlfriend, cause when you go home, she will know something is up when you reek of cigarettes and you don't even smoke them. Now, keep stroking. I demand, as I ash onto the head of your dick. This video was shot in 1080 HD by Megan Loxx

Real name: Ivy Brooks
Age: 25
Birth Date: July 17, 1992
From: Couple
Gender: girl

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