Jessica2233 video: ashlee Graham & Dixie CometDixie is sitting on the couch writing in her journal when her obnoxious sister in-law comes galavanting into the room wearing nothing but her undergarments and disrupting Dixie. Dixie questions her about how the job search is going and long she plans to stay with them, since it was supposed to be for a short time and has tuned into months. Dixie has had it with her sister in-law living in her house-Ashlee disrespects Dixie for the last time and finds herself being smothered by the hands of Dixie and put to out for a nap. Dixie strips her sister in-law of her bra, groping her big tits and playing with her limp limbs...she's gonna teach the freeloading bitch a lesson.Ashlee wakes up to find herself tied to the stairs with her hands above her head and topless with ropes tied. She yells for Dixie, complaining that she's gonna be late for her date with a potential rich husband...that's her out instead of a job. Dixie comes in wearing nothing but lingerie, laughs at her stupid plan and shoves a ballgag in Ashlee's mouth. She turns her around and swats her ass a few times before grabbing some rope to tie her ankles together and bind up those titties. She finishes her off with some nipple clamps then goes back to work on spanking her girdle covered ass while pointing out just how fucking horrible Ashlee has been as a house guest.Dixie unties Ashlee from the stairs, brings her over to the ottoman and starts untying her. Ashlee calls her a fucking bitch so Dixie grabs her wrists and ties them behind if! She takes out the ballgag and Ashlee threatens Dixie that her brother will leave her when he finds out about this. Dixie is not concerned and stuffs a giant pair of panties in her mouth, keeping them in with vet wrap...finally she can not speak! Dixie grabs a piece of rope and ties Ashlee's elbows, using the same rope to put her into a nice compact hogtie. Dixie notices the lack of panties on her sister in-law, which is perfect for the present she has for her. She brings out a vibrator and fucks with Ashlee, knowing she is very uncomfortable with her elbows and tits tied while laying on them, but eventually making her to cum. Dixie can't punish her all day though but decides to take the initiative and pack up all Ashlee's stuff in garbage bags while leaving her there to struggle in the hogtie.

Real name:
Age: 99
Birth Date: Aug. 24, 1901
From: Female
Gender: male

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