Kelvic133 video: hi baby, still awake? Good…scoot over, Mom’s so tired…I know, son. I hate this tiny apartment, too, and I hate that we have to share the only bed. You’re nearly grown - you should have your own room. And Mom certainly should, too…but this is all we can afford right now, so let’s just make the best of it, okay? Now..scoot over. Let Mom get in bed.See, that’s not so bad is it? Practically snug! Now be a good boy…close your eyes and go to dreamland.Really, baby…close your eyes. Well, if you must know…Mom needs to relax. And there’s no other place for me to, umm, do it. So just lie still, close your eyes, and don’t pay any attention to what I’m doing on my side of the bed. Really, son - Mom needs this bad…please just close your eyes.Son, I’m going to have to do this - even if you’re going to lie there and watch me. Mom’s body aches from loneliness, and sometimes this is the only thing that helps…do you understand? Can you lie there and watch quietly? Watch me squeeze my nipples hard between my fingers…mmm, baby…that always makes my pussy so very wet…I can feel it clinching.Go ahead, son..I know you do it, too. Do it with Mommy - squeeze your nipples, too, baby. Take out your beautiful young cock and rub it while Mom plays with her wet, wet pussy, baby…mmm…let’s do it together.That’s Mommy’s good boy…rub that hard dick while I get myself off next to you in this tiny little bed. Oh, baby, Mom could watch you do that forever! Your cock is so beautiful…I love you so much, baby…Mommy’s going to cum…

Age: 27
Birth Date: Feb. 28, 1990
From: Couple
Gender: couple

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