Kinkycouple8889 video: pART 2 the cruel burglar returns to really torment the little spitfire. Removing her gag just long enough for her to let loose with the invective, he quickly rams a huge chunk of cloth into her muffled up laughing gear and then rather brutally cleave wrap gags her with the serious tape stuff! Then he drops her phone nearby, just for sport, and wishes her lottsa luck in attempting to call her husband on it! Well, needless to say she fails, but it sure is top fun watching the wriggly, orally tape- babe try for it. Returning later to find her trying to dial with her feet, the mocking burglar trusses her into a hard hogtie while she wiggles her cute, mesh-clad feet in his face. Then the gagged and bound housewife is left with the phone nearby – an unpleasantly out of reach freedom beacon to her utterly bound predicament. Becky angrily gag babbles and bounces around on the couch, trying oh so hard to get to it, maybe with her nose or something.... However it pans out, it's a ton o' fun to witness. Yep, this is what it is – an all-out cheeky housewife bound and gagged and unable to summon help routine, and do we ever love ‘em! So check out Becky in action and you just might too! Plenty more of the sexy babe to come at Borderland Bound as well

Real name: KinkyCouple8889
Age: 28
Birth Date: Jan. 22, 1989
From: Couple
Gender: girl

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