Lovepasione12 i just woke up, and thought Id share my bad morning breath with you. My breath has absolutely stank, and I mean very stank. The smell comes from within I feel it oozing out of my tongue my throat my teeth I have white gunk on my tongue and on my teeth. I brush with a tongue scraper which I have used in previous mouth brushing videos. No matter how much I brush my teeth I cant scrape all the white gunk off. I also ate some food that had garlic and onion and cheese which is always better when its super stinky. So that is also a reason why my breath is so smelly this morning. Lets face it you would love me making you smell my bad breath here get close to my mouth and take deep inhales. You would love kisses and lick and a bj from my sexy stinky mouth and smell stinky tongue wouldnt you? lol dirty dirty boyCategory: BAD BREATHRelated Categories: MOUTH FETISH, TONGUE FETISH, SMELL FETISH, LIP FETISH, FACE FETISHKeywords: tongue with white gunk, morning breath, stinky breath, bad oral hyg

Real name:
Age: 19
Birth Date: May 13, 1998
From: Female
Gender: male

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