Martinvader record ~*~This is the version WITHOUT a name!! If you want the version with someone named Luke being talked to, buy the first version!!~*~Your brand new step-sister and you have to share a room for now, but you weren't expecting this. She comes to you with a literally huge problem: she's getting boners, which she's never had before, thanks to your arrival. You make her so horny! And she asks you what she should do about it. You convince her to take off her clothes so you can better evaluate the situation. Then you tell her that to get rid of her boner, she needs to stroke her cock. Watch as she strokes her cock until she cums all over herself for the first time! But she isn't done yet. Now you're super hard from watching her, so you ask if she'll suck your cock while she's at it. She reluctantly agrees and licks, sucks, and hand fucks your cock. You prepare her for your cum, but you don't tell her where it's going to land. Watch your innocent step-sister taken by utter surprise as you cum all over her face!

Real name: MartinVader
Age: 99
Birth Date: Oct. 18, 1901
From: Male
Gender: couple

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