Pockettease video: listen, son.. You left your laptop open and I saw your browsing history. Is there something we should talk about? You’ve always been a little effeminate, and I remember your… thing… with the neighbor boy when you were younger. It’s okay to be gay, it really is. Mommy wants you to be comfortable with who you are. Come on, go ahead and unzip your pants. I want to help you process this. It’s perfectly natural, after all. I’ve seen it all before! That’s it. Good boy, just like that. Now, repeat after Mommy: I’m a faggot. That’s it. Just like that. Just say what Mommy tells you to say and rub your cock. Mommy just wants you to be comfortable in your own skin

Real name: Pocket Tease
Age: 99
Birth Date: Aug. 4, 1901
From: Female
Gender: male

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