Seemylittlewhore video: your mother has always been gorgeous. All your friends used to tease you about your hot mom, and you'd act embarrassed but secretly you thought it, too. Her long, shapely legs and round ass, her little waist and large, natural breasts act together to invade and overwhelm you every time you come to visit, now that you're older. She's been single a while now, and you dream about being one of those guys she talks to online. She never gets the nerve up to go on a date, but you know she's looking.So you decide to make a dating profile of her dream guy. You even find a stock photo of a guy who looks like her favorite actor. At first you're just excited to be flirting with her, even if it is online and behind the facade of a fake profile. Then you start to get ideas. Your job working in pharmacology development gives you access to some pretty interesting medications. Rohypnol? No. You want her aware and alert. Versed? No, that won't help with the initial part. But this new thing...Tyflosproso. It's a therapy that induced face-blindness, this weird condition where people can't recognize faces. It's perfect! You need only to introduce yourself to her at the beginning of a planned date and she'll just assume it's the right person...not her son. It takes a while to get her to agree to a date, but once she does you know you're in. She talks about this guy all the time. She might even be in love.You help her pick out a dress for her date, assuring her that he'll love it. It hugs all the curves you've lusted after for years, exposing the gorgeous, milky-white tops of her soft breasts and the lovely expanse of her strong, shapely thighs. You wish her goodluck and get ready yourself. When you meet her at the restaurant, she's nervous and cute, flirting and laughing as she tries to figure out why you look so familiar. It's no surprise when she invites you back to her place.What is surprising is how forward she is! She leads you right to her bedroom, laying back on the bed and inviting you to come join her. She teases you, flashing her panties and telling you how much she wants it. You had no idea your mother was such a tiger in bed! She drops to her knees, stroking your cock before using her mouth on you - her own son. She's greedy and needy and horny and hot and she's your mother, oblivious to the fact that her sons cock is in her hand, her mouth, and as she bends over and slides you inside, you start to wonder if its still working

Real name:
Age: 29
Birth Date: July 4, 1988
From: Couple
Gender: male

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