Sexyscott26 sometimes after I ask to buy you a cocktail, you come to in a pink, girly bedroom. I’m wearing only pink lingerie and you find yourself feeling a bit strange. I reassure you and help you understand exactly what’s going on so that you won’t be alarmed: I’ve been watching you. And I’ve seen something in you that makes me think that you’d make an amazing, sissy, adultbaby girl!I ask you a few questions, which you find yourself compelled to answer honestly. This little chat only confirms my hopes: you’re exactly what I’m looking for. I start to make you do babyish things, like wear a bib and use a bottle. I explain that this is all part of your conditioning to make you start liking diapers, the color pink, and all sorts of feminine, babyish things.You see, I slipped something into your cocktail, a special substance of my own design. It will make you obedient, aroused, and honest. And I plan to keep following you and dosing you whenever I feel the urge to humiliate, feminize, and diaper a man! You’ll only have the haziest memories of what’s happened to you, so don’t bother trying to avoid it.Now, let’s play a game that I call, “Pretty, Pretty Princess.” You’ll like it because it involves coming in your pretty, pink diaper

Real name: Scott! @
Age: 28
Birth Date: May 2, 1989
From: Male
Gender: girl

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