Shadowkyu50 video: did I say hand luggage? I mean body luggage!I really let my friend down, he gave me his half of the money for our holiday together but after I spent my half, I found solution for us both to be able to fly on one airline ticket!I knew there was no way he would agree to my plan, he'd be way too angry and I know I had no chance of him believing these pills will work... shrinking pills that is!My plan? Slip them into his glass just before the taxi arrives and find a suitable place to stash my little miniature man so he is kept safe through airport security & on our flight.The shrinking effect should last just about long enough to make it out the other side, I just hope I didn't put too much in his glass

Real name: Kevin
Age: 19
Birth Date: March 27, 1998
From: Male
Gender: male

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