Theateamkom record you’ve been sent to live with your aunt, in her home deep in the woods. You’ve always liked your auntie…she’s so nice, always giving you candy and cake and cookies and telling you how you’re cute enough to eat. Now auntie’s welcoming you to her home and telling you all about how much fun the two of you will have together - playing games, reading bedtime stories, and eating LOTS and LOTS of chocolate cake…your favorite.Auntie tells you to go to your room and, after dinner and dessert, she’s going to read you a nice story and put you to bed…You get up sometime in the night - hearing noises coming from your aunt’s room, you peek through her bedroom door to see auntie lying seductively on her bed, sucking what look like bones…boy bones! Auntie’s talking to herself about how she’s going to fatten you up with cake and cookies, then pop you into her oven and roast you slowly, before cutting you up into little bite-size morsels and eating you all up.You’re terrified at the prospect of becoming your aunt’s next meal, but can’t turn away when auntie picks up one of those bones and starts rubbing it against her pussy. She’s moaning, fantasizing about how good you’ll taste, how you’ll feel in her full tummy…how she’ll use your bones to masturbate after she’s done consuming every little bit of you. Auntie shoves that bone into her pussy, moaning and writhing on all fours, and even though you want to run away…you stay. You watch your aunt suck and fuck that pile of bones on the silver platter on her bed…your young cock twitches as auntie comes with one of them stuffed deep in her pussyhole while she plans your demise… Tearing yourself away from the terrifyingly erotic scene in front of you, you sneak back to your room to masturbate - jerking off to the vision of auntie’s bone-stuffed pussy.The next morning, you tell your aunt what you heard - what you saw last night in her room. Auntie’s furious with you for peeking; she tells you that, indeed, she’s planned for some time to fatten you up, truss you and roast you. But now that you’ve proven yourself untrustworthy, she’s no other option but to pop you into a boy-sized cage until you’re plump enough to roast. Your wicked auntie laughs evilly as you cry and beg for your freedom, knowing full-well that you’ll never go home again.

Real name:
Age: 25
Birth Date: June 5, 1992
From: Male
Gender: girl

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