Theswankyslut record i've been cheated on, and the girl who did it doesn't seem to really care. The first, second, third.. glass of wine doesn't do much to ease my pain. Every phone call from my recent ex makes me more and more irritated. She won't stop asking for her clothes. The wound is fresh, and her interest in clothes over my feelings is slowly beginning to take a toll on me.You know what? As the drinks hit me, I've gotten over being the nice girl who gets walked all over, even after the relationship is over. Why does she keep calling to remind me about her goddamn clothes? I'm so over this! You want your fucking clothes?! Fine. You can have them. No way are they going to be the same though

Real name: sara&&dustin
Age: 24
Birth Date: Feb. 4, 1993
From: Couple
Gender: male

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