Xx_rosemary record this was a custom video. Contact me for your own custom video.I'd like for you to be laying on you bed on your stomach, facing the camera with your legs crossed at the ankles, (as if you were watching T.V. as you may have done when you were a little girl) barefoot and fully nude with 3 balloons. (A side shot of this would be most preferable) Blow up the first one as LARGE as you can, right before it pops. Tie it off and then position yourself kneeling on the bed (all fours) and place the balloon on the back of your calves and sit on it with the neck of the balloon facing towards the camera so I can see the neck bulge when you begin to sit on it. Take the second balloon into your mouth and begin to blow while grinding on the balloon beneath your ass, resting on your calves. Be careful not to pop it just yet though. Continue to blow up the second balloon up as LARGE as you can. But this time, blow it up half way and then begin to blow and then take the air back into your mouth (as if you're huffing the balloon. Like as if you've seen people using the paper bag method to help control hyperventilation...best way I can describe it) So it will be inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale all with the balloon in your mouth. After you've done this several times, continue to blow up the balloon larger and larger, until it finally pops! Then continue to grind into the balloon beneath you until it pops. With the last balloon, I'd like for you to be lying on your back this time and raise your legs in the air with your legs crossed at the ankles and begin blowing up the balloon as large as you can. When the balloon finally gets large enough, tie it off and lie on your back and position the balloon against the wall with the neck facing upwards and place your feet on the balloon with your legs crossed at the ankles with your feet arched. I've enclosed a picture of what I mean by being arched. Begin to press on the balloon slowly until it finally pops.

Real name: Xx_Rosemary
Age: 25
Birth Date: July 31, 1992
From: Couple
Gender: male

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