Zanderstormx video: i'm your older sister that keeps going out on dates but can't find a decent guy. I'm in my room changing out of gym clothes after a workout and I catch you watching me from the doorway. At first I'm shocked/angry and try to cover up with my hands, but then I notice how hard you are and tell you to come in and close the door.I tell you to sit on the bed and ask you if I really make you that aroused. I then stop covering my body and tell you how I keep going on dates buy can't find a good guy like you. It's left me very frustrated, especially sexually.Without even realizing it, I start rubbing my pussy, but then snap out of it and get angry again. I tell you you're going to do everything I say or I'm going to tell our parents you were peeping on me. I then tell you to take off your pants and I come over and give you a POV BJ. In between sucking I ask you if you've ever thought about this happening and how badly you've wanted it.Eventually I back away and start rubbing my pussy again. I ask you how badly you want to be inside your sister's pussy and after a little teasing, I push you so I'm lying back on the bed and I climb on top of you. As I'm riding you cowgirl I confess that I've thought about this, too.I get so into it after a while that I climb off and go into the doggy position in front of you and tell you to take my pussy. I eventually tell you that I want to feel your warm cum inside of me and convince you to leave a creampie. I reach back and get a good taste of your cum. Mmm, so good.

Real name: Zander Storm
Age: 31
Birth Date: Oct. 1, 1985
From: Female
Gender: male

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